Products and Custom Services

Our products at a glance:


 Our first product family is called We-Boots which strategically locates a proper sized magnet and sews them into the liner. The second uses a magnetic rivot which also interlocks the boots mechnically. All of our designs will not engage while the users are wearing boots. The volume production cost will range from $.30 to $1.50 per pair. We-Boots are for new production only!


Our second product Family is called Booti-Ups which is a retrofit kit for most leather riding boots. We offer Black, Brown and Tan colored magnetic patches which are installed by the user. We have tested them and launched our first pilot production run 10/17. We hope to have kits available soon.


Our custom services at a glance:


We are fortunate to be partnered which legendary ​Peter Limmer & Son's Inc. ​based in Intervale, NH. They have seen it all after four generations of custom hiking boot manufacturing and complete footwear repair.This is Boot Allure's exclusive modification and prototype shop. They can install Booti-Ups for you as well. Their contact information is below:


​Peter Limmer & Son's Inc.

9 Limmer Lane
P.O. Box 88
Intervale, NH 03845
Tel: 603-356-5378
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