Ideal Partners

The ideal partner will be USA  based with a global network. They should be socially/envorionmetally responsible while being innovative and profitable. Any solid relationship starts with Trust, Honesty, and shared Vision. We are seeking no upfront monies but rather a strategic long-term partner. Imagine being the only boot manufacturer out of 100's with ​We-Boots technology.  


We are targeting the higher end market first and will be attending the FFANY show's in New York City.


Boot Allure's Capabilities

Boot Allure, LLC is looking to shake up the footwear industry through innovation. We have extensive experience in Hiking, Ski Boots and footwear repair. The founder's background is Factory Automation and a Motion Control expert. Peter Limmer & Son's is our exclusive prototype and retrofit partner. The process starts with a mutual NDA  then patent pending review. Below are a few capabilities we bring to the table.

  • Determining if an existing design can be We-Booted.
  • Selecting the proper location and the perfect magnetic system.
  • Independant evaluation of boot quality.
  • Assist with sourcing magnets and logistics.
  • Prototypes in 1 week or less.
  • Develop test markets for new product launches.
  • Mutually develop accelerated life testing systems.
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