We-Boots Benefits


1. It is well known that floppy boots damage material and frustrate users. We-Boots is a semi-automatic design which keeps boots together and upright. Your boots will last longer and be well ventilated.


2. We-Boots are 100% portable and require no external hardware. This is especially important when travelling to Gym, Friend's house, vacation etc. You don't carry around your boot tree's. They stay in your closet.


3. The total cost of integrating We-Boots in new designs ranges from $.30 to $2.00. 


4. Our patent pending technology is applicable to leather, rubber, and fabric designs. They will not engage while being worn by user.


5. We-Boots can be made invisable with no external appearance change.


6. At least 10% of any profits go toward College/Trade youth scholarships.
































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